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Winter training information

Now that the winter season is upon us, it would be good to explain to everyone what training we will be doing, so that members can make best use of what Beccles Tri Club provides. The nature of club training is that not all of it will suit everyone all the time, but, we aim to provide a sound base from which everyone can build up their training plans. I know we all have many demands on our time, but, I would encourage club members to attend the club training sessions where possible and so enjoy the company of fellow triathletes and the structured training on offer. After all, our coaching teams put a lot of effort into making them happen. Saving your non-coached training for other times of the week is a formula that I know works well for many! If you have any questions or comments about the Beccles Tri Club training, please talk to me or one of the coaching team members mentioned below. So, here goes:- Swim Training is at Archbishop Sancroft School, Harleston on Mondays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm for one hour. In both sessions, three lanes will be dedicated to the set session - nominally fast, medium and slow athletes. The sessions will be different each week, displayed at the end of each of the lanes and athletes can choose which one suits them best. They will essentially consist of a warm-up, drills, an effort / speed set and a cool down - put together by one of the coaching team. At 7:30pm the fourth lane is intended for novice / social swimming / general assistance / advice. At 8:30pm the fourth lane will be for specific coaching to a group of 4 - 6 athletes from one of the swim coach team - Roly Shaw, Marcus Nichols, Suzy Knights and Sarah Heatley. If you want to be in this group, please speak to one of us. Each group will be together for about six weeks. We also have a team of activators who make it all happen on the night! They are Danny Sayer, Larissa Smith, Pete Rogers, Chris Mills and Lucy Johnston. Bike These sessions are on Sunday mornings usually meeting at the Leman School or Gillingham VH, though the content, duration and timing will vary considerably each week. The details will be advised each week. Also an advance outline programme (courtesy of the coaching team) will be on the website so that members can decide if a particular future activity is likely to suit them. Typically, the programme will cycle (LOL) through the range of activities and may include longer, shorter, quicker, slower rides, focused rides, social rides, time trials, MTB activities, turbo sessions (coached or on-line / DVD etc), spin sessions, rides to XC events etc. No-one will get left behind! The bike coach team is Chris Bradford and Phil Goffin, supported by Suzy Knights and Roly Shaw. Run We meet on Thursdays at 7:00pm at Leman School for one hour. From there we will run to the chosen venue for that week as a warm up. The main session will be coached and always include some elements of speed work, efforts, drills, technique etc using the various hills, steps, loops and out / backs that Beccles offers. Followed by a cool down back to Leman School and some stretches. The details of the main session will be advised each week. The run coach team is Roly Shaw, Suzy Knights, Marcus Nichols, Nicole Goffin, Wayne Miller and Steve Mackinson. Hope to see you out there soon. Thanks for reading to the end! Roly Shaw 

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