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Mr December

How and why did you get into triathlon?

After several years of only playing Bowls I started running last year, mainly with a view to lose a little weight, I realised that I was reasonably good at it and having heard about Triathlon from others and wanting to challenge myself further thought I'd have a go at it, there may also have been a little arm twisting at the club pub run back in February.

What was your first event?

Autumn Waveney Tri 2018

Which is your favourite discipline?

At the moment my favourite discipline is running.

Greatest Achievement to date and any PBs you are proud of?

Getting in the pool earlier this year having not taking swimming seriously for a number of years, with a fair bit of encouragement by a number of other people I managed to build myself up from struggling to do a single length to doing the full 400m for Waveney Tri without a lengthy pause to recover midway.

Best, worst and funniest race moments? (doesn't just have to be tri)

Best: Completing the Waveney Tri in the morning, then Lowestoft Scores later in the Afternoon. Completing Bungay Half Marathon is a close 2nd.

Worst: Turning my ankle over at Fritton parkrun on a hidden tree root the week before Snetterton 10k earlier this year. I still competed in that but my time wasn't as good as what I knew I could've done.

Funniest: Woodbridge XC 2017, first XC experience, noob arm swinging when on a sprint finish that reminded Marcus of the dancing mannequin scene from Home Alone.

Who motivates/inspires you?

My Uncle Michael, seeing his accomplishments definitely drives me to try more. Seeing what others in the club do has also given me a few ideas on what I'd like to try next.

Describe a typical training week

Run: WVAC training session on a Wednesday, BTC training on a Thursday, parkrun on a Saturday and a longer run on the Sunday or Monday. On occasion this might swap to be a long run on a Saturday and Great Run Local on a Sunday.

Bike: During the winter I aim to do at least 1 or 2 turbo sessions a week, hopefully including some of the club sessions where possible.

Swim: Although I've avoided it since the tri I'll be getting back in the pool at least once or twice a week, and once the Lido reopens next year I'll be back there for the club session but will try to fit in some of the sessions in Harleston in the meantime. In addition to that there's at least one gym session a week and I still play bowls once a week which is useful for low impact recovery.

Any special pre race routine?

Just try to keep calm and not stress over unnecessary things.

Races on the agenda and future ambitions On the Agenda:

East Coast Tri, Beccles Tri and a repeat of Autumn Waveney Tri.

Future ambitions:

Open Water Swimming, Aquathlon, Holkham either as part of a relay, and eventually solo. Ironman.

Favourite piece of kit or tech

My Garmin, and by association Strava.

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