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Beccles Triathlon Club - Return to Play

Hello All,

I hope we are all well and still training for events that may never happen!

We elected not to rush back into structured training over the summer period.  So, to date, we have only engaged in swim training at the Lido.  However. it is now a good time to update BTC members on the club's general plans to "return to play" in all three disciplines.  Please read this through, as our arrangements will need to be a little different if we are to return to formal training activities.  This has to be so as a club licensed and insured by British Triathlon.  The requirements are in place for everyone's well being.

Claire Stammers has kindly agreed to be our COVID Officer and Conor Reeves has taken on the task of updating our risk assessments to ensure they are COVID compliant.  Watch this space for more details on what that involves for BTC members.  I am very grateful to them both for stepping up at this challenging time.


Currently, we are swimming three times per week at the Lido - we anticipate this continuing until the Lido closes, currently on Sunday 4th October.  Details are on the club website.  Please make good use of it - we have spaces for six and are rarely full.

Thereafter, we intend to revert to Archbishop Sancroft High School in Harleston on Monday evenings (not Wednesdays) - the same arrangements as last winter.  Details to follow when they are agreed with the school.

We continue to look at other, more central, swim venues - though they are hard to come by with limited facilities being opened and a high demand for hire slots.


Sunday rides (in various formats) are planned to return during October - broadly similar to last year.  Details will follow in due course.


The effort sessions on Thursday nights should return in a similar format to last year from early October.

Please support the club and it's arrangements as we "return to play".  Of necessity, it will be different, but, I don't expect there will be anything we have not seen or heard about in recent months.

Happy training.

Roly Shaw

Head Coach

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