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Beccles Triathlon Club — Swimming Restart at the Lido

Welcome back! My thanks to all club members who have helped to get us to a position from which we can restart our swim sessions. The response from members to the opportunity to "Lido swim" again was encouraging. So:-

The Package

  • Club swimming sessions will restart on Tuesday 30th March 2021 at 8pm for (upto) a 60 minute swim. Arrivals at the Lido from 7:45pm, Lido vacated by 9:15pm.

  • We have the whole pool which is to be heated to normal temperature (28C, I understand).

  • Four lanes to be set up as (from "far" side) - wide double, double, double, wide single.

  • These will accommodate "fast", "medium" and "slow" swimmers on set sessions and a "free swimming / social" or "coaching" lane respectively. Though, for the first week (or two) it will all be free swimming to ease us back in gently!

  • Assuming BTF guidance is the same as pre-lockdown, lane capacities to be 10, 10, 10, 6 athletes respectively. Total 36 maximum.

  • Lane allocation on the night by our activators team.

  • £4 per swim. BTC members only. First come, first served - though, in my time, we've never had 36 swimmers before! If you have friends who wish to swim with us, then get them to join the club! All good value for money!

  • Lido COVID compliant general management arrangements to apply. Nothing too onerous if you have already had a "Corona Swim" there!

  • BTC COVID compliant swim protocol to apply. Again, nothing new if you swam at Harleston in the winter!

  • The social river swims are not a formal BTC activity. Use of the Lido facilities by river swimmers at this time is not feasible under COVID guidelines.

Sign-up Arrangements

  • Booking on the club website as per previous BTC COVID compliant arrangements. No booking, no swimming.

  • Payment to be made with booking via Paypal. Sorry - no refunds.

Happy Swimming.


Roly Shaw

Head Coach

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