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Invitational - Tri-Anglia Lotus Club Duathlon 23rd January

We have been invited back by Tri-Anglia to attend their Lotus Duathlon

If you want to take part in the below please RSVP to this event. Once full a waiting list will open.

Kids/spectators are free

Only names on list are allowed in : NO on-the-day arrivals!

You must be a club member to take part, anyone booking without a valid club membership will have their booking cancelled.

List of names LATEST Mon 17th Jan

First Run is 2 laps of the North Circuit (2.1k) in an anti-clockwise direction, keeping to the inside of the track. 4.2k

Bike is 9 laps of the Full Circuit (3.5k) in a clockwise direction keeping away from runners who are on the inside line of the track. Please note that we are not riding through the pit lane. 31.5k

Second Run is 2 laps of the South Circuit (1.3k) in an anti-clockwise direction, keeping to the inside of the track. 2.6k

Total distance 38.5k, approximately 11 full laps.

Please note that there will be juniors on track doing a course comprising 1x North Circuit run, 3x Full Circuits on the bike and 1x South Circuit run. There may be other club members using the track for run and or bike training. We hope to be putting on some bike skill tuition on the Steering Circle, perhaps parts of the unused pit lane or perhaps even on the main track.

Yes it is possible to do more or less laps, but whatever you do needs to be complete by 3pm.

Any questions please shout

Start time: 13:00

Location: Lotus Test Track

Following info taken from Tri-Anglia's website:

The Club's Lotus Duathlons are an excellent opportunity to try your first duathlon, perhaps even your first multisport event or to refine your duathlon skills in a friendly, safe, traffic free environment.

Tri-Anglia are really fortunate to be able to hire the superbly smooth 3.5km circuit for one afternoon a month through the winter. The full circuit comprises a north circuit of 2.1k and a south circuit of 1.3k. We use all these areas in our duathlons. We have both adult and junior distances in operation at each session, and participants are welcome to alter the number of laps they do to suit their requirements. We will have facilities on site to make hot drinks.

These sessions are low key, friendly, helpful and social. If you're unsure, do come along as there will be someone willing to help you get set up and give you advice on getting started.

Cost: £5 for adults. £free for juniors.

Times: Arrive at the Lotus Gatehouse after 12pm and before 12:30am to gain access to the track (exact location). Please use the car park adjacent to the track. Toilets are available in the Club House. Gatehouse, car park and Club House are shown on the site map below. Setup and warm up once given the all clear to access the track prior to 1pm.

Duathlon will start at 1pm and conclude by 3pm. All to leave site by 3:30pm.

Attending the session: will be restricted to those on the Attendee list which will be submitted to Lotus Security midday the day before the duathlon.

Transition Map: (explained on day)

Transition will be setup in the area between the North and South Circuits within the centre of the Full Circuit.

The start and finish line is half way between the North and South Circuits on the Full Circuit nearest to the pit lane.

Participants will start their first run the start line heading north for their lap(s) of the North Circuit, following the course in an anti-clockwise direction keeping the inside curb of the course to their left. This is represented by the purple arrows in the diagram above.

At the end of their first run they will enter into transition, now the red arrows shown at the top right hand corner of the transition area on the diagram above traveling through transition to exit bottom left as per the diagram above putting on their helmet, changing shoes and picking up their bike along with doing whatever else they need to do in t1.

Once out of transition and across the Mount Line participants may mount their bike heading south. The bike course uses the Full Circuit which is ridden in a clockwise direction, keeping the insight lane that is reserved for runners to your right hand side. Bike direction is shown in the diagram above with the green arrows. (no diagram)

At the end of the desired number of full circuits participants will dismount before the Dismount Line and enter transition on foot with their bike in the bottom right corner as per the yellow arrows in the diagram above. They will travel through transition to leave it by the top left corner returning their bike to it's racking sport in transition on the way, removing their helmet and bike shoes, putting on their run shoes and doing whatever else they need to do in t2.

They will then head out for their second run on the South Circuit as per the blue lines in the diagram above, they will run in anti-clockwise direction keeping the inside curb of the track to their left.

The finish line is the same as the start line in the middle of the area between the North and South circuits on the full circuit nearest to the pit lane.

Participants need to bring:



Bike shoes

Run shoes

Appropriate clothing for the conditions for during first run, bike, second run and both before and after the session.

Friendly helpful sportsmanship.

Spectators need to bring:

Suitable clothing for the conditions. It's nearly always windy (having been initially an airfield) and being winter - cold.

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