Run Club Standards

Race standards are designed to encourage members to enter more races and try to achieve pre-set standards which will be awarded by the club. These standards gender and age specific and are based on the World Standard Times published by the WAVA (World Association of Veteran Athletes), and consist of WORLD, PLATINUM, GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE, COPPER. For example the GOLD standard is set at approximately 135% of the world record for that distance at that age and gender.

Platinum – world + 20%

Diamond – world + 35%

Gold – world + 50%
Silver – world + 65%
Bronze – world + 85%
Copper – world + 105%

The following standard distances are supported: 5K, 5M, 10K, 10M, 20M, Half Marathon, Marathon, but you do not need to run all distances, only results from 3 separate distances are required, for example a SILVER at 5K, 10K and marathon gains you a SILVER AWARD. A SILVER at 10K and 2 marathons does not.

  1. The race must have been accurately measured and certified, the result are taken from the official results. Chipped times are acceptable.

  2. The time achieved must be better than the standard i.e. standard = 46 minutes, time achieved 45 minutes 59 seconds or better.

  3. Awards will only be given for standards achieved at one level at three different distances in one year. For instance if you achieve SILVER for 5K, 10K and marathon you will get a SILVER standard. If you achieve SILVER for 5K and 10k and BRONZE for a marathon you will achieve a BRONZE standard.

  4. Standards will run from 1 January – 31 December each year and you must be England Athletics qualified through Beccles Triathlon Club to be eligible.

  5. Accurately measured and certified courses will have the symbol shown on the right (or below on mobile).
    Other courses may claim to be accurate, please refer to the committee if you want them to be included. Note: The most parkruns are measured but only some are certified. Because of their popularity it is assumed that all are certified.


To view the set times click the relevant link