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Beccles Triathlon Club Swim Coaching

We are planning to offer swim coaching to BTC members at Harleston on Monday evenings during our established swim sessions. We will use the "free-swimming" lane, so that element will be suspended whilst coaching is on, but the three lanes of structured swim sets will continue. Six weeks from 25th October to 29th November inclusive. We will cover all the different elements of the swim stroke cycle - developing skills / technique and understanding the principles of efficient swimming. The cost is £3, as for a normal swim. Priority will be given to those who have not received BTC swim coaching before. If you have had BTC coaching before, then still register your interest as we plan to offer more coaching in the New Year.

So, if this is for you, contact me Roly Shaw, Head Coach on or 07780654894. State your preference for the 7:30 or 8:15pm slot - we will try and come up with a plan that suits the majority.


Roly Shaw

Head Coach

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