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Take a walk on the wild side in 2018

It’s time to book the Wildman social triathlon into your training schedule. This special informal training event suits everyone’s training and race-preparation needs because you can pick and mix the distances depending on how you feel on the day (details below). It’s social, so why not join as a group and go wild together.

Price is £20, which is to cover the costs of hiring Fritton lake and on-the-water safety, enroute water bottles, a one-off t-shirt and home-made medal. Any left overs can be a charitable donation or spent in the pub after!

Places are limited to a maximum of 40 on a first come first serve basis, so join now to avoid disappointment. Deadline for joiners is 28th February. Contact Steve on or 7450 683963.

For updates and info, or to search for relay team mates please see the facebook event

Nearer the date, you will be asked to sign a waiver, indicating that you understand and accept the risks on your own accord, will abide by the highway code and will not hold the organisers responsible for any accident or injury caused while participating in this informal social training event. No waiver, no participation.

Payments can be made directly to the Beccles Tri Club account.


WWM3: 24th June 2018: The Kingsman of triathlon social training events

  • Loaded with kudos

  • Punctuated with ethics

  • Unsupported, self-navigated, pick-n-mix distances, solo or team

The Wildman social triathlon provides a supportive environment for practicing the self-discipline & self-navigation skills to build confidence in your training and racing. At Wildman, we believe that exceptionally fun training means honing your triathlon survival skills in the wild.

Tactically placed in your triathlon calendar, the Wildman provides a perfect staging post to longer events, or the opportunity to push yourself more than ever before. The Pick-n-Mix distance means it’s ‘your event, your way’ - catering to your fitness and spirit of adventure on the day.

The Wildman is low on cost and big on ethics, with every athlete obliged to offer support to others should they need or request it.

Swim in the beautiful Fritton Lake on a marked course with safety support boats (0.75, 1.5 or 3 km)

Ride the majestic hills of Suffolk and enjoy some roads less travelled (25, 40, or 60 km)

Run the winding tracks and trails along the River Waveney Valley (3, 11, or 17 km)

Any questions, please email or contact Steve or 07450 683963

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