Invitational - Tri-Anglia Lotus Club Duathlon

If you want to take part in the below please RSVP to this event. You can find the event on the events section of our website. Once full a waiting list will open. Once you RSVP I will contact you for payment.

Any questions please shout


From Mark P @ Tri-Anglia

"Dear Beccles Triathlon Club

Over winter, Tri-Anglia hold a series of monthly club duathlons at the Lotus test track. Tri-Anglia would like to offer Beccles Triathlon Club to join us at one of our sessions. These are a great chance to all get together over the winter months and it would be great if some of your members would like to join us.

A full description of the course is here:

It consists of a 2 lap 2.1K run (4.1K), 9 laps x 3.5K bike (31.5K) and a 2 lap x 1.3K run (2.6K). Juniors do less of course. (I am chuffed if I can do the whole thing in under 90 mins.)

We have timing (of sorts) from some volunteers but any extra people you bring to spectate then more help if always welcomed. Each person has a number they shout out at the relevant times (transition) and we record them on an app. Which we then put on our website (and can send to you).

Being a track, it is a closed road and safe for kids (as long as the fast adults keep aware!) and we have the runners on the inside curve and bikes on out using cones. Drafting is allowed subject to ridicule, but again care must be taken.

It is often cold and windy as it is very open there and there is very little protection. Any chance of ice and we call it off with 24 hours notice.

We charge £8 for adults all going towards track hire.

The site is very strict on security and anyone entering the site MUST be named in advance and chaperoned to the race area from the gatehouse. Therefore, you will need to provide the list of names and what they are doing a few days before the date.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t all turn up as long as they are on the list. Anyone arriving without being on the list is turned away!

We bring a couple of flasks for tea, but with elevated numbers I would advise to bring more hot water (you’ll want it!) and some cakes are often welcome.

Kind regards

Mark Philo

Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club"

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