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Beccles Lotus Trip

The Lotus Elite team were out today to take the Tri-Anglia field by storm. Arriving with a wardrobe crisis that was quickly resolved the team were ready for action. Coffee was drunk,bikes were racked and team pride was at stake.

Pete Rogers (that's me) lead out the team on the run whilst Karle, Phil and the other Pete hunted him down on the bike. The girls did their best to hold on to their tri bars and bring it home for Beccles.

The course was a tail of two halves, into the wind with a grimace and back with the wind in the sails. We all did ourselves proud and had a worthwhile training session to boot.

Everyone was grateful for a well organised event and some early season team bonding. The Tri Anglia set up was to be admired.

Results can be found here.

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