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Spring training sessions are here!

After what feels like the longest winter in history, spring is finally here!

This means a chance to our training sessions.

Swim - We are still at Harleston for another few months but will be moving back to the Lido soon! However please remember there is only one swim session there before Beccles Triathlon.

Bike - We are back on the road this Sunday! We will be heading to In a Spin on our first trip out this season. Nice social ride with cake. Check out the details here.

Run - It is track/field time. We are having our first run session at Beccles free school this Thursday. The session really will be suitable for all as we will be running on a field or track. Meaning that no one gets left behind. Click here for more details.

Please remember to register to make the coaches lives easier should there be an emergency or anything needs to change last minute.

Thank you, as always any issues or questions please contact us.


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