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our volunteer coaches have very kindly spent time over the Xmas period coming up with the next few months plan for the Swim, Bike and Run sessions.

Please take a few mins as a thank you to read this. Thank you!



Happy New Year! Welcome to the 2019 Tri Season!

We have more swim coaching opportunities from January onwards. Monday nights at Harleston pool. We are going to offer them at 7:30pm (not 8:30pm) to give those who prefer an earlier slot an opportunity to be coached.

The first block of training is Jan 7th to Feb 4th inclusive (5 weeks) with Roly. If you are interested contact Roly We can take a maximum of six athletes. First come, first served!

Open to everyone - new to coaching or previously been coached at BTC or elsewhere.

Roly Shaw


6 Jan - Lotus duathlon

13 Jan - Chris MTB 8am from Dunwich beach

20 Jan - Winter XC

27 Jan - Zwift

3 Feb - Phill n Chris MTB 9am High Lodge

17 Feb - XC

24 Feb - Zwift

Mar 3 - Phill n Chris MTB 8am Tunstall (maybe including Orford)

10 Mar - XC

17 Mar - Mud, Sweat n Gears race, Henham

24 Mar - XC

31 Mar - Phill MTB 8am from C\C to Adnams Southwold


3/1/19 Roly. 5 x (1km with 50% recovery). Performance km measure, specified route.

10/1/19 Marcus. 7min,6,5,4,3,2,1 with 25-75% recovery. "Steps Down".

17/1/19 Suzy. 1min,2,3,4,5,(5),4,3,2,1 with 1min recovery. "Pyramid".

24/1/19 Nicole. 10 x (2min effort uphill, 2min jog recovery downhill, regroup). "Hills".

31/1/19 Roly. 6 x (4min or 0.5 mile with 50% recovery). "Half Mile Efforts".

7/2/19 Steve. (3 x 4min) + (3 x 3min) + (3 x 2min) + (3 x 1min) with 50% recovery.

14/2/19 Marcus. 4 x (8min or 1mile with 25% recovery). "Mile Efforts".

21/2/19 Suzy. 1min,2,3,4,5,6,7 with 25-75% recovery. "Steps Up".

28/2/19 Nicole. 5 x (1km with 50% recovery). Performance km measure, specified route.

7/3/19 Roly. 5min,4,3,2,1,(1),2,3,4,5 with 1min recovery. "Inverted Pyramid".

14/3/19 Marcus. 20 x (1min effort, 1min jog recovery, regroup). "Continuous Concertina".

21/3/19 Suzy. 6 x (4min or 0.5 mile with 50% recovery). "Half Mile Efforts".

28/3/19 Nicole. 3 x (1mile with 50% recovery). Performance mile measure, specified route.


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