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Abi Symons Hever Castle Super Sprint Triathlon Race Report

I booked this race just under a year ago, at the time I wouldn't even put my face under a shower let alone swim in a pool or a lake! đŸŒŠđŸ˜± So to say I have just completed my first ever Triathlon and in open water is pretty huge for me!

The morning of the race I had the biggest nerves and could barely stomach any food! The water temperature was a chilly 13Âș© with the air temperature an even chillier 11Âș© đŸ„¶ I set up my transition and headed to the lake in a nervous state, thankfully a lovely lady called Jo started talking to me and calmed me down, we had our final briefing and before I knew it I was being counted down to jump in the lake. It was freezing, muddy and murky! I struggled, but I muscled through 15 minutes 44 seconds later I was dragging myself out of the lake and heading to transition! I numbly put my cycling shoes on off I went.

I have to say the 6 speed bumps on the way out on my numb, cold body was not pleasant but nothing could prepare me for the what was around the corner! A 4km hill, at this point I questioned what on earth I was doing and if I was going to make it around the course! My body felt like it was shutting down and giving up, a couple of people whizzed past me on their bikes dampening my mood even more. It wasn't until about 8km in I found my first smile of the whole day, I started a descent down a hill, which turned out to be at a speed of 39.1mph

đŸ˜± I went past 9 people and that's when the legs woke up! I started to tackle hills and ride my bike like it was stolen! 54 minutes 51 seconds later and 1030ft of elevation I was coming back into transition.

It was at this point I realised I still couldn't feel my feet đŸ„¶ as I struggled to get my trainers on and make my way onto the run course with my ice block feet. This was the toughest part for me, I had given so much on the bike I really didn't leave enough in my legs. As I disappeared into the woods and faced another hill that went on for nearly 1km I wanted to cry. I must admit most of the run turned into a walk and as I got the feeling back in my feet slowly the pain seared in my left foot. I wouldn't let that stop me, I had come so far so I went into a run/walk pattern before facing my final hill, along a flat and the finish line was in sight. I channelled my inner sprinter and before I knew it I was across the line and in floods of tears.

I have never been so proud of myself.

#swim #bike #run #murky #ice #cold #legend

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