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Ben Bremners AJ Bell Leeds Triathlon - Olympic Distance Race Report

Quite a nervous one as it was my first ever Triathlon, on top of that I had been put in the British Championships age group qualifiers wave! 😬

First impressions whilst setting up transition.. the quality of other people's kit was a bit overwhelming!

Swim: Ran and dived in, right goggle immediately came off 🤦🏽‍♀️ spent the first part of the swim flapping about getting it back on, then realised how cold the water was 🥶 lots of slapping, kicking, punching and ankle pulling which was a whole new experience 😳 managed to pull through with a reasonable time of 28 minutes.

Bike: after the world's longest up hill run to and out of transition managed to get shoes on and clipped in really well. The roads in Leeds are TERRIBLE! Spent most of the course dodging potholes, draincovers and other riders but despite that managed to pass a lot of other competitors! 😁 Nearly fell off going into T2 as the marshall said I still had 50m to ride so left the unclipping but it turned out to be a cobbled road! Got into T2 in one piece with a bike time of 1 hour 5 minutes.

Run: Glad I wasn't wearing alphaflys! The run was a mix of park paths, grass and gravel paths with a few 180 turns and irritating inclines, the amount of people that nearly fell over was crazy! I managed to keep a decent pace and pass quite a few people! The worst part was to the finish line with what felt like a 20% gradient set of stairs! 🥵 Happy to bring it home with a 42 minute 10k and a total time of 02:24:33 finishing 32nd in my age group out of 98!

Was a great experience, enjoyed every moment just need to get a TT bike now 🤣

Roll on Norwich Triathlon on the 11th of July!

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