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Beccles Triathlon Club — Autumn Swimming

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

As members are keen to continue swimming at the Lido as long as possible, we will be holding our club sessions there until the end of September. Our last one will be Tuesday 28th September.

The Lido remains open (and heated!) until the end of October for public swimming. Please continue to support it for as long as you can. Thereafter, it is still open to the public, but, not heated. Take your wetsuit! See Lido website for details.

From Monday 4th October we will be holding our club sessions back at Archbishop Sancroft High School, Harleston. Mondays are more popular!

Currently, we have a booking for 7:30 - 9:00pm. Two 45 minute slots.

Members only. Book and pay on the website as at present. £3 per 45 minute session. Subject to being sensible etc, members can book a "double slot" (£6) if they want a longer swim.

In each session there will be four lanes available with four swimmers in each. Actually, fifteen bookable slots as one is reserved for the activator on the "other" session. Three lanes will have specified "effort" sessions - each based on swim speed. Self-seeding on the night, under the guidance / instruction of the activator. The fourth lane will be for coaching, videos, CSS tests etc as and when advertised. Otherwise, it will be for "free swimming". In order to cater for everyone's wishes, there may be occasions when it is necessary to accommodate free swimming in the effort lanes. We ask that free swimmers give priority to effort swimmers. Everyone, please be considerate and sensible.

Thanks to everyone who has helped to make this happen. Roly Shaw Head Coach

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