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BTC Swimming at Beccles Lido

Good News!

As COVID 19 restrictions begin to ease slowly and more relaxed guidance emerges from the British Triathlon Federation, we are pleased to announce the Beccles Triathlon Club has secured a number of exclusive weekly slots at the Lido in order for members to re-engage in some structured pool swimming training.

With the unprecedented demand for swim time at the Lido, coupled with the present need to maximise income for the Lido, we are grateful to Team Waveney Swimming Club for allowing us the sole use of one of their booked lanes for an hour on three occasions each week commencing 21st July. Namely:-

Cost £3 per session.

Thanks also to Shaun Crowley for facilitating the arrangements in these challenging and unprecedented times.

We are limited to a maximum of 6 athletes, covering the full range of swim paces, using the lane on each occasion. There will need to be a degree of co-operation between different paced swimmers to make it work – normal pool courtesy really.

Bookings will be via the Events page on the club website on a members only, first come, first served basis. This will be live each Sunday evening.  Recognising that these session times may not suit everyone and some sessions may be oversubscribed, members are reminded that they can also swim during the Lido public sessions as an alternative.

We will post BTC specific swim session plans electronically in due course.  Thanks, in advance to Marcus Nichols for this.  In all other respects, we will work under the relevant Beccles Lido and Team Waveney arrangements and administration as far as health, safety, COVID and operational requirements are concerned.  As such, we don't envisage the need for BTC Swim Activators to be present when we swim under these arrangements.  Thanks - and enjoy your extended break for a few more weeks!

We can't be sure exactly how this will work out, the extent of take up, the effectiveness of the training etc.  So, please bear with us and we will review developments in about a month's time.  Meanwhile, please:-

  • Turn up if you have a slot booked - otherwise someone else could have swum.

  • Don't turn up if you haven't - you may have a wasted journey.

  • Adhere to all the requirements and instructions - we don't want to place anyone at an undue risk.

  • Be mindful of others needs and reservations - we're all in this together!

  • Don't be greedy - limit yourself to one session a week until we see how it works out!

On arrival to the session please use the usual turnstile entrance – ideally no more than 5 minutes before session start time.

Assemble and change in the “post swim changing area” outside the cubicles (under the awning if necessary).

Cubicles won’t be available, so please arrive “swim ready”.

Post swim – because of our own end of day cleaning and Covid sanitisation, cubicles and showers won’t be available, so I suggest to re-robe and leave please, again by the usual turnstile exit.

We will be relying on attendees to maintain social distance from each other, Team Waveney and Lido staff.

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to a member of the swim coach team - Roly Shaw, Suzy Esser or Marcus Nichols.

Thank you

Roly Shaw

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