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Ms April - Ellie Kershaw

April's spotlight is on GB Age Group Athlete Ellie Kershaw, our youngest member and runner up for best young person at this years AGM. (Sorry for the delay in posting this!).

How and why did you get into triathlon and what was your first event?

I was first interested in triathlon when I watched my brother James compete at the European age group champs in Spain. I watched the women’s race and thought I could give it a go! My first event was Fritton Lake XC duathlon about 3 years ago.

Which is your favourite discipline out of the 3?

My favourite discipline is cycling.

Your greatest achievement and personal bests?

My greatest achievement was competing in the European age group duathlon championships in Soria where I came 7th overall and was the 4th Brit.

What have been your best & worst race moments to date? (and funniest)

My worst race moment was when I hit the wall on the last 5K run at Peterborough duathlon, luckily there was a massive downhill to the finish and I managed to get on the podium.

I once got lost on the run course at Mildenhall as I took a wrong turn and ended up in a housing estate but I eventually found my way back.

What motivates you and who is/are your inspiration/s?

The world champion Flora Duffy is my inspiration as she is so dominant and has really helped promote

Women’s sport.

Describe a typical training week….

I rest on Mondays and Fridays and I try to bike to and from school in Norwich whenever I can. I do an intervals session on Tuesday, parkrun on Saturday, and a long ride on Sunday after work with shorter runs in the week.

Do you have any special pre-race routines?

Before races, I will always have scrambled eggs on toast and listen to motivational music (usually Coldplay)

Races and events on your agenda for this year?

Future ambitions?

I have a few duathlons planned for this season and my ambition is to run the London marathon when I am old enough.

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