Ms September - Nicole Goffin

How and why did you get into triathlon?

Myself and Phill started running together and got our son Max to participate in the park run to get him a bit fitter and off the Xbox. As we did body boarding Phill started swimming again to improve his swim fitness when in the sea and we had always taken the kids out on bike rides. I had also joined Bannatynes and was working out and swimming there. Phill had seen the Beccles Triathlon kit at the park run and liked the look of it and he then came across Suzy’s blog and wanted to try one. I was adamant I didn’t want to and so watched him participate in the East Coast Tri. Phill then persuaded me to enter the Waveney Spring Triathlon.

What was your first event?

My first event was the Waveney Spring triathlon. I bought a secondhand road bike and didn’t even have a trisuit. I was very nervous and practiced transition in the garden with two dustbins and a broom for racking the bike. After the swim I spent ages trying to get cycle shorts, a t-shirt, jacket and gloves on! Luckily T2 was quicker as I didn’t have to change shoes, just ditch the jacket for the run. I absolutely loved it and was hooked.

Which is your favourite discipline?

I love running. I started running years ago and ran the London Marathon in 1999. I am enjoying cycling a lot more as well now, but it is a struggle and hills are not my friend.

Greatest achievement to date and any PBs you are proud of?

Holkham Outlaw half is my greatest achievement. I never would have thought I was capable of racing that distance. I trained hard all year and was very nervous about making the cut off times. I had a panic attack at the swim start due to the amount of people and being bashed about a bit. I had to swim breast stroke for a while to get my breathing under control. I nearly gave up there and then, but then told myself I had trained too hard to give up. Luckily, I love the heat and didn’t suffer as much as some, especially on the run.

I have surprised myself with running race times this year and have already achieved the Waveney Valley Athletics Club gold standard for 5k, 5 mile and half marathon distances. I am really chuffed with that.

Best, worst and funniest race moments?

Best moment was crossing the finish line at the Holkham Outlaw half this year. It was very emotional knowing I had completed it and beat the time I had set myself (7 hours, I completed it in 6:18:01).

Worst moment was the bike section of the Waveney Spring triathlon this year. It was cold and I didn’t put a jacket on (most people know I suffer from the cold and this was a hardcore decision for me). I froze the whole way round and couldn’t unclip my helmet as I couldn’t feel my fingers. I had to rip it off without unclipping.

Who motivates/inspires you?