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Ms November - Michelle Sayer

How and why did you get into triathlon? I wanted to spend more time with Danny, and following encouragement from the girls from the Beccles tri club, I brought a road bike to give it a go. What was your first event? Beccles Tri, biking for a relay team and later on this year stradbrooke tri (the whole thing all on my own :-) )

Which is your favourite discipline? Cycling at the moment, hills in particular. Greatest Achievement to date and any PBs you are proud of? Completing the long course weekend bike in Mallorca (108 miles), it was a hard day and my longest ride to date in the pouring rain.

Best, worst and funniest race moments? (doesn't just have to be tri) Falling in a blackberry bush on a club training ride, it was the typical one that every one goes through when starting to ride with clip on shoes, I came to a stop and forgot to unclip, then in slow motion you fall and can do bugger all about it. Who motivates/inspires you? So many people at the club have helped me, from pacing my PB’s to all of the people that continue to help me with my swimming. Describe a typical training week Run - We are on Vicki’s run plan at moment as this is my main focus. I currently run Hills or speed on Monday night, Thursday is a 50min slow even paced run and Park run on Saturday, doing this over the last 3 months has increased my run speed. Bike - this has just been on Sundays at the moment but we are going to increase to 3 turbos a week from December, with the hope of getting quicker on 10 and 25 miles time trials next year. I will go out on the roads instead of turbo if the weather is nice but I am not getting my hair wet unnecessarily :-)

Swim - This is a work in progress and needs most work (and patience from the person training me) Any special pre race routine? Panic, thinking of all of the things that could go wrong, although when the race starts, I just forget the negative stuff and aim for the person in front of me. Races on the agenda and future ambitions Short term, a Duathlon somewhere. Longer term/ lifetime goals. Swimming needs to improve first but I plan at sometime to complete and 70.3 with a view of a full Ironman. Favourite piece of kit or tech I love my liv but I don’t go anywhere without my Garmin watch.

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