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Ms February

This months Mr&Ms post is very topical. Ty has just become our events officer. You'll be hearing a lot more from her in the up and coming months. However for now, please read the below and get to know her a bit better. From reading it myself I want to meet her Gran!

How and why did you get into triathlon? I wanted to meet new people in Beccles and start a healthy new hobby! I’d just moved back to the area and I considered joining a running club having been into this on and off for a few years but as an ok swimmer and ex-lifeguard (at Beccles Lido) it seemed to be just the bike section that I was lacking and triathlon seemed a bit more interesting/challenging.

What was your first event? Beccles Tri actually back in 2015, (although Shaun Crowley did try to get me to do it the first year as part of a relay). I’d never even done a sporty event besides a 5k race for life a few years previous but my now fiancée Dave & I decided to give it a go rather than just lifeguarding it. We bought bikes specifically for it and I had one go round the route before the event – I didn’t even put any of the 3 disciplines together before the day. Needless to say I was very, very nervous!

Which is your favourite discipline? Running by far, I should like swimming more but find it too awkward what with the need for a body of water and it usually being a rather chilly and wet affair. I love running because you can do it anytime, anywhere and for free! Greatest Achievement to date and any PBs you are proud of? Completing my first marathon in October last year and coming 9th woman in the Beccles Tri that first year despite thinking I’d be terrible.

Best, worst and funniest race moments? (doesn't just have to be tri)

Best moment – I think when I was nearing the end of the marathon and knew I wasn’t just going to finish it but I was going to do it still feeling ok and having nailed the nutrition & hydration for it.

Worst – feeling like I was going to pass out at the end of the first ½ marathon I did because I was so wheezy!

Funniest – running the Norwich ½ marathon with a friend who found it such a breeze he was on Instagram and snapchatting the entire way and even ran a lot of it backwards whilst I found it really difficult. Luckily I found it hilarious.

Who motivates/inspires you? So many people! Other club members, my friends and family as well as people I follow on social media like some of the pros. At the very top of my list is my gran though, she’s 80 but still works as a P.E teacher and goes to the gym every single day.

Describe a typical training week I’m trying to cram a lot in at the minute as I’m training for the London marathon whilst also trying to keep my swim ticking over and get better on the bike for the Holkham Half.

Swim – just once a week at the BTC club sessions but plan to include open water sessions too once it warms up.

Bike – utilising the turbo A LOT, usually 2 shorter tempo or interval sessions per week and one long ride on the weekend.

Run – I’m lucky enough to be a Guinea pig for Marcus Sladden at the moment for his coaching qualification so he’s written me a plan for the London marathon. I’m currently on 5 miles Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays (though including some Parkruns), BTC session Thursdays and long run Sunday.

I also try to fit in some strength work 1-2 times per week and IF I can fit it in I LOVE playing squash.

Any special pre race routine? Well I’m a dietitian and doing an MSc in Sports Nutrition so it’s all about food & fluid for me!

Races on the agenda and future ambitions This year – I have a London Marathon charity place, Beccles Tri, Holkham Half and my latest exciting addition, The HEB (a different take on triathlon of bike + run + kayak in the Outer Hebrides) as a pair with Dave.

Future ambitions – definitely an Ironman, hopefully in 2020 and I’d love to go back to my home country of South Africa for it if possible. I also want to do more events for charity if I can.

Favourite piece of kit or tech My phone and accompanying headphones…I’ve yet to invest in a watch so I use my phone for all my tracking and as I often run alone I listen to a lot of music/radio/audiobooks.

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