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Mr March

How and why did you get into triathlon?

I have been into running albeit for leisure rather than competing since my early 20s but an football injury on my knee was causing me problems 5 years ago and I saw a doctor that recommended I take up so other activities such as cycling and swimming. At the time I could only swim about a length with a bit of a struggle so was a little skeptical. I used to go to the gym in Harleston and someone told me about the pool at Archbishop Sancroft school so I did some investigations and learned about an elite team of athletes called Beccles Triathlon Club that trained at the pool on Monday night. I got in touch with Kate at the time and arranged a session. I enjoyed it and then went straight out and bought a road bike with the intention of taking on these elite athletes at the sport that is called Triathlon!! The rest is history.

What was your first event?

Stradbroke Tri, I didn’t do that well and even got beaten by my mate Bob who didn’t do much training,the competitive side came out of me from there on in!

Which is your favourite discipline?

I honestly don’t have one, I love them all for different reasons,but I guess if I could only do one for the rest of my life probably swimming (never thought I would say that?!)

Greatest Achievement to date and any PBs you are proud of?

Winning my age group at Beccles Triathlon 2017 Probably my best PB, though it is a little unofficial was running 5k in 18.35 for the first half of the Norwich 10K (and then only managing to finish in 40 minutes!!

Best, worst and funniest race moments? (doesn't just have to be tri)

Best moment was narrowly missing out on first place at a muddy races event, I was so far ahead of everyone half way around that I went the wrong way and added about 800m on to the race. I then went into beast mode and caught everyone bar the first place guy by a whisker! Then only to find out that no-one was even timing or logging who had come 1st,2nd,3rd etc. Only I could have my best moment in a race nobody gave a shit about lol!!!

Worst was going the wrong way at the Waveney Wildman and then losing my marbles!

Funniest was collecting my trophy for 1st Veteran at the Beccles Tri and then breaking it less than 5 minutes later!

Who motivates/inspires you?

My fellow Club mates

Describe a typical training week

Either far too much or not nearly enough

Any special pre race routine?

Going to the toilet about 8 times

Races on the agenda and future ambitions

Just the Beccles Tri at the moment and hopefully the Swim/Run at Fritton with Richard Aukland as my partner

Favourite piece of kit or tech

My wireless headphones for sure and a Ramones playlist on my phone, couldn’t do nearly as much training without them

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