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Beccles Tri Club Training

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are emerging from lockdown refreshed and ready to go!  The coaching team have been giving a lot of thought to how we can gradually return to the "new normal".  So, here is an update on where we are at present:-

It is good to see some members involved in various social training bubbles - swim, bike and run - I am in a few!  Please keep within the government guidelines whilst you are out and about.  Advice from British Triathlon regarding formal training is becoming more relaxed, but, it comes with quite onerous requirements in order for us to remain COVID 19 compliant - and thus insured both as a club and as individual coaches.

Consequently, we feel we are not able to offer formal training just yet.  However, we would encourage members to continue to get involved in any social training bubbles that suit them.  The three Beccles Triathlon Club What's App Groups for swim, bike and run are a good place to find out what some members are doing.  To join the groups go to the clubs Social Facebook page and check the pinned post here.  Also, if you are planning on doing something and need a buddy, then use the groups to publicise.  I'm sure members will also have other ways of finding out who is doing what! 

Members are often open water swimming together in the river at Beccles, in the sea and elsewhere at various times.  We will be facilitating some informal bike rides from Sunday 19th July,  There is a suite of run training plans covering thirteen weeks on the website.  See the link here:-

The first area to go back to some form of structured training is to be pool swimming in the Lido.  Details will follow in a separate blog post.  Watch this space!

Happy training.

Roly Shaw 

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